The Basic Doctrine Bible Study Course By Alfreda Martin

This study is not intended to be an exhaustive, in-depth study of God's Word. Rather, it was written to make plain the way of salvation; and to give the new Christian a basis of Bible knowledge on which to build his or her Christian life.
We trust that the Lord will be able to use this book of Basic Bible Studies to lead souls to saving knowledge of Christ and to build up Christians in the faith.


1. Please follow the instructions at the beginning of each lesson carefully.
2. Do only one lesson per day.
3. Do all the review work on "Points to Remember"and the "Memory Verses" daily.
4. Do the tests in the test section as instructed in each lesson.
5. Do the test without the aid of these lessons (this is honor system).
6. When finished with all the tests, send them as a group to: 
Hope Aglow Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 10157 
Lynchburg, VA 24506
7. Your tests will be graded and returned to you with a framable Certificate of Completion from HopeAglow Ministries. 

Lesson One:
The Bible

Click Here for 
Lesson 1 Test

 Lesson Two: 

Click Here for 
Lesson 2 Test

 Lesson Three: 

Click Here for 
Lesson 3 Test

 Lesson Four:

Click Here for 
Lesson 4 Test

 Lesson Five: 

Click Here for 
Lesson 5 Test

 Lesson Six:
Fall of Man

Click Here for 
Lesson 6 Test

Lesson Seven:

Click Here for
Lesson 7 Test

 Lesson Eight: 

Click Here for
Lesson 8 Test

Lesson Nine:

Click Here for
Lesson 9 Test

 Lesson Ten: 
Born Again

Click Here for
Lesson 10 Test

 Lesson Eleven: 
The Holy Spirit

Click Here for
Lesson 11 Test

 Lesson Twelve: 
The Church

Click Here for
Lesson 12 Test

 Lesson Thirteen:
Christian Life

Click Here for 
Lesson 13 Test

Lesson Fourteen:
Future Events

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Lesson 14 Test

 Lesson Fifteen: 

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Lesson 15 Test

 Lesson Sixteen: 

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Lesson 16 Test

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