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Lesson #47

The Church

Ordinances: Baptism

    The ordinances of the church for believers were ordained by God and instituted by Jesus Christ. Water baptism and the Lord's table were done so as to provide opportunities for Christians to openly and symbolically declare their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and their soon returning King.
    The ordinances as performed and provided by Christians in obeying the commands of the Lord are testimonies of the believer's faith in God. Thus an ordinance is a ceremony or celebration appointed by Jesus Christ to be administered by the church and believers as a visible sign of the truth of one's Christian faith. It must be remembered that water baptism is not the process of salvation or regeneration for there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. This baptism is by the power of the Spirit of God and takes place immediately when a believer is spiritually regenerated and eternally identifies the believer with Jesus Christ.


    Matthew 3:16 Jesus sets the example.
    John 3:22-23 Jesus, John and disciples baptizing.
    Acts 8:36-39 The believer is baptized.
    Acts 16:14 Believe and be baptized.
    Acts 18:8 Hearing, believing and being baptized.
    Matthew 28:18-20 The command of the Lord.
    Colossians 2:12 Buried with Him, our Savior, in baptism.
    Romans 6:3-5 Baptized into his death and his resurrection.
    Ephesians 4:4-5 Spiritual baptism into the body of Jesus Christ.

    Scripture Assurance: I Corinthians 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

    Scripture Memory: Galatians 3:27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

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