Hope Aglow Ministries began in 1965 by Ed and Alfreda Martin. 

Both Ed and the current director, Garry Sims were former inmates saved while in prison. Services like Hope Aglow are what gave these men the opportunity and inspiration to submit to Christ. 

After release, Ed Martin with the support and strength of his wife Alfreda started Hope Aglow Ministries to reach the men and women of the jails and prisons. In the early 1980’s Garry Sims was sitting in prison with no intention of becoming a Christian or submitting to anyone. After hearing a church service he became overwhelmed with the hopelessness of his life. He knew then that the only way was through Christ. 

After Garry was released, he came to Lynchburg, VA to attend Liberty Bible College and work with Ed at Hope Aglow. After Ed’s passing, Garry took over as director of Hope Aglow and has been serving ever since. 

Garry and a steadfast team of volunteers go into the jails and prisons each week and hold church services, prayer meetings, and distribute Bibles, Bible courses, and other literature.  

For over 50 years Hope Aglow Ministries has partnered with the church and community to wrap their arms around those who may otherwise be forgotten and lost. 

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